Socks Boarding

The boarding stage is a simple one. It paves the way for the final stage by ironing the socks and making sure they are kept in perfect shape. And then they go to under a fixed degree of pressure and temperature to keep the socks tidy and bright.

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Socks Production Line

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Socks Production Process

order process

Please answer following questions to get prices

1. What is the yarn type, material composition, yarn colors?

2. Order quantity? (Our min Order Quantity is 1200 pairs for socks.)

3. What is quantity distribution of socks between body sizes?

4. Unique weight of sample socks if you have?

5. What kind of cuff band do you want? Ribbed or Lacoste knit?

6. What kind of socks design do you want? plain, full terry or half terry?

7. How many needle quantity will be used.

8. Do you want washing for socks? Lavatec, normal or silicon wash, with perfume or any other?

9. What kind of packing do you want? Cardboard label, sticker, banderole, box or else?

10. If you send your own sample, we can get all answers to our questions.

-We request 50% advance payment before starting bulk order. Then we will request 50% balance payment before shipping and after quality control.