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  • Single Jersey Fabric

    The term single jersey knitting fabric is used in the market only for plain knitted fabrics knitted with cotton or cotton blended yarns produced on circular knitting machines. Suprem knitted fabrics are widely used especially in summer outerwear, sportswear, medical clothing. There are varieties such as sanded single jersey (flat paint), Ring spun single jersey, lycra ringed single jersey, boucle single jersey, silvery single jersey.

  • 2 Thread Fabrics

    It is technically named as lining braided, but is known on the market as two yarn knitted fabrics. It is widely used in clothes such as sweetshirts, hoodies, tracksuits etc. There are two thread varieties with lycra and raising.

  • 3 Thread Fleece Fabric

    “Stylishly Cozy: Fashionable Outfits with 3T Fleece Fabrics” Get inspired by a collection of stylish outfits made with 3T fleece fabrics. From cozy jackets, joggpants and hoodies to fashionable loungewear, discover how 3T fleece seamlessly combines comfort with style, making it the perfect choice for fashion-conscious individuals.

  • Polar Fleece

    Polar fleece is soft and very pleasant to the touch. It is combed on both sides and light, but it warms up. After washing at the recommended temperature, it does not shrink, dries quickly and the sewn product does not need to be ironed . used as material in combination with jersey as an inner layer of hat. It stretches in width.

  • Ultrasoft - Welsoft

    Ultrasoft fabrics are produced using the ultrasoft fabric knitting technique prepared from 100% polyester yarns. This type of fabric, which has a soft feature, is the main fabric used in many products in home textiles. Carpet covers, bedspreads, towels, blankets, etc. with ultrasoft fabric. products are produced. Ultrasoft fabric, which can be washed in the washing machine, dries quickly just like Welsoft fabric. Ultrasoft fabrics are a type of fabric with antibacterial properties.

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