Fabric Production

Fabric knitting operations are carried out by our very successful partners who have all certificates in their fields. We do not use ready-made fabric in orders. We produce the highest quality fabrics in the desired content, color and thickness by making custom production. In this way, we use tested fabrics for your orders. The surfaces formed as a result of connecting the yarn, which is shaped into a loop by knitting elements, with the loops before and after it, are called knitted fabric.

General characteristics of knitted fabrics compared to woven fabrics are given below.

Ø Number of yarn systems: Weft yarn system (single yarn). The loops are wrapped around each other.

Ø Elasticity and flexibility: It is elastic and suitable for stretching in all directions.

Ø Moisture absorption: Knitted surfaces absorb more moisture than yarn-bonded surfaces, woven fabrics and column fabrics.

Ø Surface structure can be open, sparse or tight

Ø It can be lighter than woven surfaces.

Ø They are not stable.

Ø Shrinkage varies depending on the fiber type of the yarn used and the way it is finished. However, their shrinkage is higher than woven surfaces.

Ø They are softer than other textile surfaces.

Ø Wrinkling tendencies vary depending on knitting density, fiber type of the yarn used and finishing processes.

Production Process

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Fabric Color is Customizable and fabrics are privately produced for your orders. You can send Pantone color catalog code as reference

Packing & Delivery

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Quality Control

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We will try to give you our best price for your orders. Quality is our main focus point during production process. We have more experinced personnels to guide you to get best products



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tlemse textiletlemse textiletlemse textile