Packaging and Shipping

In today's commercial structure, the smoothness of the shipping processes is as important as the smoothness of the product. From the moment the order is received, all activities required to deliver the product within the given deadline are planned separately by the managers and the processes are supervised by automatic control. The production calendar is created and the date at which the product will reach which stage is planned.

All necessary technical tests and reporting are shared with all departments to avoid any disruptions. The partners we have identified in the field of shipment are the leading companies in the sector. Shipments are made both on hangers and in boxes. Packing lists and package information are prepared in line with customer demand, paying attention to the smallest detail.



Production Process

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Fabric Color is Customizable and fabrics are privately produced for your orders. You can send Pantone color catalog code as reference

Packing & Delivery

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Quality Control

tlemse textiletlemse textiletlemse textile

Affordable OEM Price Quality Checking Service 10 Years Experience
We will try to give you our best price for your orders. Quality is our main focus point during production process. We have more experinced personnels to guide you to get best products



Our Office and Production Companies

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tlemse textiletlemse textiletlemse textile