Tampon Printing

By Tampon/pad printing method on the fabric, information such as brand, size, washing instructions can be permanently applied to the inside of the garment. The first feature that comes to mind about this printing method, which offers a number of advantages for many industries and applications, is its adaptability to irregular surfaces. Tampon printing, which stands out with the professional results it creates on curved or complex surfaces, perfectly responds to the need to print on difficult or impossible places. You can make your delicate designs or texts more special with this application, which is very good at capturing small details meticulously. It is possible to obtain rich results with this process, which is suitable for multi-color printing. One of the advantages of pad printing can be said to offer a fast and efficient process. This technique has the ability to print large quantities of products in a short time; It is also highly resistant to external factors such as water, scratching and fading.


Production Process

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