Fabric Cutting

The starting point of clothing production in ready-made clothing enterprises is fabric cutting departments. Since fabric costs constitute a significant part of product costs, fabric cutting workshops are considered the lifeblood of ready-made clothing businesses. Performing the first operation with zero error will contribute to the operations in other units being carried out with minimum error. Fabric Cutting departments are one of the units where modernization is intense in ready-made clothing enterprises. Developing material resources and technology have enabled the differentiation and development of the machines and tools used in this field. This development serves quality and efficiency in production. In this way, ready-made clothing businesses can cope with increasing competitive conditions.

It is very important to minimize operator-related errors by using computer-aided production systems. Considering the efficiency and quality impact of the production technologies used in our Fabric Cutting Plant, which machines and tools will be preferred within the business and which technologies and automation level will be purchased for these machines and tools require a lot of experience.

Fabric Cuttingcutting

Production Process

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Fabric Color is Customizable and fabrics are privately produced for your orders. You can send Pantone color catalog code as reference

Packing & Delivery

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Quality Control

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